Injury Table Number of Weeks Disability Calculation

Injury Weeks
Man as a whole 500
Thumb 76
Index finger 43
Middle Finger 38
Ring Finger 27
Little Finger 22
Great Toe 38
Other toe (each) 13
Hand 205
Arm 253
Leg 215
Foot 137
Eye sight (1 eye) 162
Hearing (1 ear, complete) 54
Hearing (2 ears, complete) 215
One Testicle 54
Two Testicles 162

Most injuries are not a total loss of the body part but a percentage of the total weeks above.

Illinois Law Applies an equation to determine an injured workers recovery based on 60% of employees gross pay up to certain limits set by the Illinois Workers Compensation Committee times the weeks of the percent of the type of injury suffered, see maximum weeks above.

In order for workers compensation to work, most states require that employers either carry workers compensation insurance, self-insure, or contribute to state run workers compensation funds. There is some debate over where the funding for workers compensation come from. Whether a company charges its customers more or pays its employees less, workers compensation is meant to benefit everyone involved and to serve as an incentive to employers to create a safer workplace.

Workers compensation is meant to provide a quick solution to work related injuries or illness to both the employer and employee without regard to fault. The employee gives up their right to sue the employer for the illness or injury in exchange for immediate monetary compensation for lost wages, medical benefits and in some cases, other benefits. The employee is compensated without the time or monetary requirements of a trial, and the employer does not have to worry about defending against a lawsuit.

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