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24 years of day-in and day-out DUI in-court defense experience. A conviction on DUI charges in Illinois can have extremely serious consequences that could follow you for several years. In addition to increased insurance premiums and hefty court fines, DUI offenses can result in jail time and the loss of your driver’s license. With so much on the line, you need strong representation from an experienced attorney who can properly handle your case.

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Many people who are facing Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges, especially first offenders, may not be aware of their rights. It is in your best interest to find out all your options and consequences of your DUI charge. At the Saint Charles, Illinois, law firm of Scott W. Sheen & Associates, P.C., we have defended clients for 24 years across the Chicagoland area against all types of driving under the influence and reckless homicide charges. Contact us today at (630) 443-6200 to learn more about our DUI defense experience.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience successfully handling DUI, DWLS and DWLR cases. We explore every aspect of your case to ensure that your rights were respected at all times. We have been successful in countless previous cases by challenging illegal stops, illegal detentions, searches and arrest, failure to inform clients of their rights, the accuracy of breath or blood tests and field sobriety tests. This has been done by trial before judge or jury on motions to suppress evidence based on lack of reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle or an officer’s lack of probable cause to arrest you.

We represent clients in criminal driving under the influence court proceedings as well as at administrative reinstatement hearings before the Illinois Secretary of State. We work to preserve your driving privileges and minimize the impact of the criminal charges against you. We have helped many first time offenders to avoid a conviction and keep their licenses by negotiating court supervision.

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