The mental games that a narcissist tries to play can be emotionally exhausting. If you’re going through a divorce with one, you’ve probably experienced this. Individuals who have a narcissistic ex that they share children with are likely going to realize that they’re in for a long battle.

When you start the co-parenting relationship, you need to pay close attention to what tactics your narcissistic ex is using. Oftentimes, they’ll continue to employ the same methods, so you can determine the most appropriate ways to deal with this. You can find the options that keep the stress down for you.

You’ll have to be sure that you pick your battles carefully. Try to focus only on things that directly impact the health or safety of the children. For example, allowing the children to have cookies with each meal doesn’t really matter, so it’s best to just let that slide.

Another issue that you may face is that your ex will try to make you feel guilty about your decisions. Instead of getting into battles about those matters, it might be best to just set your boundaries and keep them firmly in place.

For some people, using a parenting app that enables them to communicate with an ex in a manner that’s able to be monitored by the court might be beneficial. This can take away the possibility that your ex could claim you said things you didn’t or them claiming that they didn’t say things they said.

Having a detailed parenting plan can help individuals who are trying to co-parent with a narcissist. If you’re working through a child custody case with a narcissistic ex, alert your attorney, so they can plan accordingly.